Sententia Prima

by Doom Architect

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released February 11, 2016

Alexander Mikhailov - guitars, vocals and drum programming
Marina Kuznetsova - keyboards

All music and lyrics by Doom Architect

Recorded at TI Studio, Russia
Mixing and mastering by Alexander Mikhailov



all rights reserved


Doom Architect Russia

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Track Name: At the Bound of Death
At the Bound of Death

Grain of life crushes soul
Flow of time will improve my fault
Wind and stone cannot die
All my sins will be soon denied

Across the sky you fly alone
Before I die the destiny play with my role
In thy embrace I feel the home
Reveal the face and let me open the door

Death cries keeping eyes on light
Of my transitory fight
Desperate soul leaving the tomb
Into the void of gloom
Reaper will be watching the fall
Of every world in doom

See the last fading light
Of my heart beating deep inside
Take my soul shade my mind
Let me say farewell the life
Track Name: Leaving the Shadows
Leaving the Shadows

Fascinating moon leaving home lighting up the world
Was obeying to dirty sun and the dazzle cold
Play illusive time and destroy every spending life
Death will come for you and again split the soul above

Lie for the safety they will spell to thy mind
War, cries and shambles leaving on other side
Look! they are killing every brain to salvage
Lying again leaving thy mind in cage

Raise perseverance! Evil’s roaming near
Try to understand thy ignorance. Death is over here!
Every single life your dying trial’s gathering in soul
Let them spread the lie while frail walls striving for the fall

Lie for the safety they will spell to thy mind
War, cries and shambles leaving on other side
Look! they are killing every brain to salvage
Lying again leaving thy mind in empty cage
Track Name: Detachment

Growling storm raises dust in mind.
Thoughts of gloom make silence cry.
Empty words, lie from all holes.
Ugly world eats dying souls.

Deny the price for thy life.
Inner light let you fly
In a blackened

moaning world moving to abyss.
Watch the man growing to the beast.
Shiny stars pray for the life
Leading you from dark to the light.

Feel the drawing rain of a dying dream
hear the cry.
Have you ever felt? Have you ever seen
their minds?

Fly by the wind feel every pleasure.
Light in thy heart shows you the way.
Faith that you seed, feelings and rage are
Moving thy mind out of the grave.

Look at airy snow flying to its own
Save unbroken flow leading mighty soul
to light.

Reborn in flames rising high
to the sky from the grave.
Blaze forever!
Track Name: Embracing the Void
Embracing the Void

Sons of devastation grow to sky
See the void of nation let me fly
Tear apart stunning sorrow feel my cold
Bless the shiny lightning and the wind
Storm will last forever. Grace we need
Please remove blackened burrow caused the fall.

I embrace the void
feeling mighty cold,
hear attractive rain
and embrace again.
Light your soul in dark
See thy body’s stark.
Death won’t ask you why.
Hear the silence cry.

Let me lose my anxious rusted mind
Not to sense the trashers of alive.
Please I want forever touch the light.

Veil your cry
sons of death!
Watch my flight
Save the faith!
Track Name: Astral Wind
Astral Wind

Grain of life turns the way
Of thy helpless evil to be growing near
Fall in mind try to stay
Between thy past future and cold present fear
Light will fade fly apart
From thy kindness of false useless selfish deeds
Wind take off you to far
Dying place without sun which will help you find a lead.

Silence of deep rusty reflections…
Whispering mind fell for temptation
Save thy soul from the world made of lies
You’ll be free like a snow in the sky.

Flames will burn all thy life
Listen to drone making the soul fly away
Watch the dark you are blind
Leading by dream by night into magic fate

Cry for the past living. Decay to be reborn
Grow only right feeling to see the truth of war
Strange essence comes closer
It will give you light
To keep thy mind frozen
And warm the soul from ice.
Track Name: Light of Inner Flame
Light of Inner Flame

Somewhere in thy moaning cold heart
Warrior sings the song of death.
Pious sinner, truthful liar’s
Hiding near him like a rat.

Former lives guide the soul
Down among the waves
Building up every world
Where you left graves.

All you have found was burned by flames
Changing thy mind into illusion.
All that was bright’s fading to grey.
Every mistake comes to conclusion.
Thirst and hunger pride and anger.
Watch their slaughter be the taker (fly to chaos)

Melting dream of useless actions
That was thy life many times.
Feel the inner flame attraction
No more senses no more lies.